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History Of The Ragdoll

Josephine & Cueber, Mitts, Tiki & Kyoto,
They were the first of their breed.
Here is abit of history, of our the Ragdoll first started.
It all began in Riverside, California, usa, In the 1960's by the late,
Mrs Ann Baker, who breed Persians.  A white domestic long-
haired cat named Josephine, who was part-feral and owned by the
Pennels, who were Ann Bakers neighbours,was injured in an accident
involving a car. Josephine had laid on the road side for days, she was
taken to the Veterinary Hospital at theUniversity of California,
where she had an head injury and had lost an eye in the accident.
Josephine had changed after the accident, Ann believed she had been
part of a secret government genetic experiment, during treatment
making Josephine Docile & Floppy when picked up. When she
noticed this new, friendly disposition in Josephine & her next litter
of kittens, Ann asked her neighbour if she could breed from her.
Ann Baker described Josephine as having Turkish Angora looks
and some Persian tendencies. Mrs Baker then bred Josephine to
two of her own sons, by different fathers, a male persian-type cat,
Blackie, & his half brother a Birman-looking cat, Daddy Warbucks.
  Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks
The resulting kittens were so fluffy, craving of human attention,
and attractive from Daddy Warbucks that Ann Baker started
two breeding programs, female 'Buckwheat' Josephines daughter,
from Blackie, pictured below;
Raggedy Ann Buckwheat with
Kyoto & Tiki
Headed up, ' The DarkSide' for Mitted and Colourpoint
Kittens and  female 'Fugianna'- daughter of Daddy Warbucks,
(pictured below) Headed up the beginning of  The LightSide,
for Bi Colour Kittens.
Raggedy Ann Fugianna with breeder Ann Baker
 Both girls Buckwheat & Fugianna, were to mate
Daddy Warbucks to produce The First Ragdolls.
Ann Baker had now set out to create, what is now known
as The Ragdoll. The kittens were limp, like a childs ragdoll
toy, it was this that gave Ann the inspiration to call her new
breed, The Ragdoll. A new breed, large size, very loving and
affectionate temperament, long non mating coats, lovely striking
appearance and blue eyes. Ann registered her new breed-
Ragdolls in 1965, the cattery name was Raggedy Ann.
Ann Baker in an unusual move, spurned traditional cat
breeding associations, she trademarked the name ' Ragdoll'
set up her own registry-International Ragdoll  Cat
Association (IRCA) and enforced stringent standards
on anyone who wanted to breed or sell cats under that name.
The Ragdolls were also not allowed to be registered in
other breed associations.
The First Two Kittens Registered By Ann Baker
were a Seal Mitted male named, Raggedy Ann Kyoto
and a Chocolate Colourpoint female, Raggedy Ann Tiki.
Kyoto &  Kookie Tu   /    Kookie, Toy Sue & Kookie Tu
                                        Early ragdolls born in 1966
Josephine was very protective of her litter and often fought with
the family dog, if it came to close to the babies. It was on one
occasion, the owners husband wasn't happy, and gathered up
Josephine and her latest litter and had them all 'destroyed'
The Founding Queen Of The Ragdolls Was Gone.
In 1969 husband & wife (Laura & Denny Dayton) new breeders
bought their first breeding pair, from Ann Baker.
Laura & Denny Dayton with Floppy & Loveable
There first breeding pair were Rosie & Buddy.
Rosie, one of the first breeding cats ever sold
by Ann Baker in 1969. (A M itted)
Buddy, Laura's first male Ragdoll,
Seal Colourpoint, bought in 1969.
 Laura & Denny realized the breed had to be shown and to get
them accepted by the various associations in the fancy.
Their Cattery Was Named   ' Blossom-Time'
Blossom-Time; Pip, Floppy & Happy
In order to promote there cats, a group led by Denny broke rank 
with IRCA, with the aim of  gaining  mainstream  recognition 
for the Ragdoll. This group eventually developed the  Ragdoll  
standard  currently accepted  by major cat registries.
Denny showing one of his early
Ragdolls, a seal bi-colour in 1971.
 Denny Founded the Ragdoll Society,which later became
 The R F C, and is known today as;
The R F C I,  (Ragdoll  Fanciers Club International)
In February Of  1975.
Some of Laura & Denny's cats in the early 1970's.
By 1980, Denny & Laura no longer wanted to breed,
and gave up due to being tired, of long and on going
problems with Ann Baker.
But in 1981  two breeders, Pat Brownsell  & the late Lula Rowley,
acquired Blossom-Time Lass,  Blossom-Time Lad,
Blossom-Time Proper & Blossom-Time Prim,
In Norfolk, England.
The Ragdolls Had Arrived In Great-Britian!
Ann Baker Died  In  1997.

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